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Bateria para ACER UM09E31 UM09E32 Aspire ONE 1410 1810T 1810TZ 521 752

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Battery type:Replacement Battery
Condition : Brand new
Cell Type: Li-ion
Battery Number: 6 Cells
Voltage: 10.8V(Compatible with 11.1V)
Capacity: 5200mAh/56WH
Color: black
Warranty: 1Year
Product code:EPS-AR1810
Dimension::202.89 x 46.90 x 20.80 mm
Package Include:

1 x Battery For ACER UM09E31 UM09E32 Aspire ONE 1410 1810T 1810TZ 521 752 (10.8V 5200mAh)

Compatible with part number: (This is not a comprehensive list. Pls be free to contact us if you have any questions.)
934T2039F AK.006BT.033 AK.006BT.046 BT.00603.096 BT.00603.098 BT.00605.052 BT.00607.102 BT.00607.103 BT.00607.106 BT.00607.107BT.00607.111 LC.BTP00.089 LC.BTP00.090 UM09E31 UM09E32 UM09E36 UM09E51 UM09E56 UM09E70 UM09E78
Compatible Models:( Ctrl + F for fast search ur laptop model)
Aspire 1410 Aspire 1410 JM1 Aspire 1410(11.6″) Aspire 1410-2039 Aspire 1410-2099 Aspire 1410-2285 Aspire 1410-2497 Aspire 1410-2706 Aspire 1410-2762 Aspire 1410-2801 Aspire 1410-2920 Aspire 1410-2936 Aspire 1410-2954 Aspire 1410-2990 Aspire 1410-742G16n Aspire 1410-742G25n_3GAspire 1410-8414 Aspire 1410-8804 Aspire 1410-8913 Aspire 1410-Bb22 Aspire 1410-Kk22 Aspire 1410-O Aspire 1410-SSVF Aspire 1410T Aspire 1410-Ws22 Aspire 1810T Aspire 1810T-352G25n Aspire 1810T-8459 Aspire 1810T-8488 Aspire 1810T-8638 Aspire 1810T-O Aspire 1810TZ Aspire 1810TZ-413G25N Aspire 1810TZ-414G16n Aspire 1810TZ-414G25 Aspire 1810TZ-4906 Aspire 1810TZ-O Aspire One 521 Aspire One 521 -3089 Aspire one 521 Panthera Aspire one 521 Tigris Aspire One 521-105Dc_W7625 Aspire One 521-105Dcc Aspire One 521-105Dk Aspire One 521-105Dk_W7625Aspire One 521-3530 Aspire One 521-3782 Aspire One 752 Aspire One 752 – H22C/K Aspire One 752- 232w Aspire One 752H Aspire One 752-H22C/WAspire one AO521 Aspire Timeline 1810 Aspire Timeline 1810T Aspire Timeline 1810T-733G25n Aspire Timeline 1810TZ-412G25n Aspire Timeline AS1410 Ferrari One Ferrari One 200 TravelMate 8172 Travelmate 8172T Travelmate 8172Z
EC14 EC1400 EC14D EC14T EC18 EC1803h EC1803u EC1805u EC1814u EC1815u EC18D EC18T LT22 NS10
Packard Bell
Dot M/U Dot MR/U Dot MRU Dot MU Dot VR46 EasyNote BFXS EasyNote Butterfly XS ZH7

Safety & Excellence Features:
No memory effect, fast charge
Low power consumption IC design
Fully compatible with the original laptops (models listed above)
Tested with strict quality control standards
Over-charge protection
Over-discharge protection
Over-heat protection
Over-current protection
Short-circuit protection
High capacity circulatory function



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